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Zoë Siegel is one of the most unusual builders I have ever worked with. Her most important characteristic is her integrity. Her desire to deliver an excellent house that her client will love goes above and beyond what anyone would expect from a builder. It is clear that her crew has tremendous regard and respect for her. They are very responsive to her requests and seem to be very happy to produce good results for her and I am sure it is because she treats them with respect for their talents. 

There is no question that Zoë will not leave any aspect of the job incomplete until it meets her standards, which are at least equal to or exceeds my own. The entire experience was a joy every day. 

–Gail Bushell


Every time I open my front door, I'm amazed by the oasis of light and space that Zoë has created. She has taken the best elements of Mexican architecture and sculpted them into a warm and welcoming home that is modern and completely sympathetic to its environment. Although it was very late in the designing and building process when we first laid eyes on Zoë's project, she was wonderfully open to listening to suggestions that suited our preferences and tastes. She brings her creative talent to both designing and problem-solving and is a joy to work with.

– Jane Berman


Zoë was on time and on budget. She listened to our requests, found creative ways to fulfill them, and was a delightful collaborator. In a milieu where horror stories prevail (building homes in Mexico), working with Zoë was working with a true artistic professional who also became a friend. Highest marks, fullest recommendations.

– Phil May


Working with Zoë Siegel on our home was a dream come true. Our beautiful house was completed on time and UNDER budget. This is not a typical story you hear about other builders. She was a joy to work with. She listened to everything we said, made gentle suggestions that were in harmony with what we wanted but BETTER because she's an artist and knows what will work. Our home is lovely, comfortable, bright, and cheerful, and it looks like it cost a lot more to build than it did. Friends tell their friends about our house. It's all true. After working with Zoë, I would recommend her to anyone, and I would have her build me another house without reservation.

– Nancy Leichter


When I walked into one of Zoë's houses, I knew I wanted one! Her clean aesthetic of open spaces, light, modern but with traditional Mexican touches moved me to put down roots here. And working with her and her crew – long-distance – was a truly pain-free experience. Unheard of!!!

– Kathy Sulkes


We had an excellent experience working with Zoë Siegel on the design and construction of a house in San Miguel. She worked patiently with us long-distance on the design. Then, working with us by phone and internet, she served as our eyes and ears through much of the construction. Moreover, Zoë and her builder provided a realistic cost estimate at the outset and kept to it.

– Kristen Lankester


We were first attracted to building our home with Zoë after seeing previous homes built by her and after talking to those homeowners. The process was flawless, and most of the communication was by email and photographs of progress. Her builder had a core of workers that was his permanent team. He and his team were diligent, polite and followed through on instructions and plans. The project came through on budget and on time. We were very satisfied with the whole process. The house is full of light and lifts us up every time that we arrive in it. We love it!

– Blanche Carragher

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