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We still can’t believe that less than two years ago we had no definite plans about a complete change of life.  Yet by some force of nature things organically happened that included the fact that we would actually move to a new country and live in a house built specifically for us.  Our further disbelief includes having it delivered ahead of schedule and on budget.


All of this was possible because we had the good fortune to meet Zoë Siegel.  After our meetings and conversations, our instincts told us that by working with Zoë we would have the house of our dreams. And our instincts were right.  Zoë understood what she needed to do to lessen the stress of having a house built some 3,000 KM away in a different country. 


At every step of the process Zoë informed and listened to us.  She communicated frequently, which was important, since we only made three trips to Mexico during the construction process. Not only did she understand our needs, she also knew how to get things done in San Miguel De Allende.  From what we could see, there were no delays because of materials, workmen, bureaucracy, etc.  This was key to her being able to deliver on budget and ahead of schedule.


Zoë solicited our ideas making sure the house reflected our tastes and personalities.   When our ideas were off-base, she pushed back gently, with not only structured information, but with grace and understanding.  Any few and minor issues which arose over time were quickly, completely, and professionally addressed. 


Our experience and process of planning and building a new home could be described as very good. But we must define the finished product as exceptional.  Our house is absolutely everything we dreamed of, and more. It is bathed in sunlight, thanks to all the windows, which also provide amazing cross-breezes.  The three different outdoor spaces provide us with multiple outdoor sanctuaries within the city. The unique artistic touches recommended by Zoë, as well as ideas suggested by us, make this house truly our own.  At every turn we recognize our personalities imprinted in each inverted arch, column, tile, and overall color. 


The workmanship is of the highest quality.  It is evident and clear that Zoë’s team takes pride in their custom built craftsmanship with every painstakingly laid brick, molded metal, and carved stone.


In our view, we now truly believe that this is the house that love built.

-Norman Breire & Jaime Coronado

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